SINGAPORE: Transport company SMRT has partnered with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) to infuse art and history into the urban landscape, with a collaboration to create unique murals at MRT stations crafted by trainees with special needs.

SMRT has already installed comic-style historical murals in 21 of its MRT stations. The project will soon be extended to the remaining 14 stations.

The trainees involved in the project embarked on a nine-month journey, seeking inspiration from historical videos and photographs to meticulously craft the murals. The aim of the initiative is to depict the transformation of neighborhood towns over time, offering a visual journey that evokes nostalgia among the older generation and enlightens the younger generation about the progress of their towns.

For SMRT, this collaboration is not merely about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of MRT stations; it is a meaningful endeavor to provide a platform for MINDS trainees to showcase their artistic talents. The murals showcase the creativity and skills of individuals with intellectual disabilities, allowing their artwork to be appreciated by the wider public and the thousands of daily commuters.

SMRT initiated partnerships with local artists and groups last year, and the collaboration with MINDS is a significant step towards promoting social inclusivity and awareness of the special needs community. The transport company has ambitious plans to install historic murals in 35 of its subway stations by the end of next year, contributing to a richer cultural experience for commuters and fostering a sense of pride within the special needs community.