Chinese newspaper Shin Min reported that a grieving middle-aged woman was almost robbed at the wake of her husband, and that too by a man her son is acquainted with.
The incident happened in the early morning of 6 February at the void deck of Block 222, Lorong 8 Toa Payoh. The 56-year-old housewife, Mdm Ng’s face was badly bruised by the repeated blows she received from the youth who tried unsuccessfully to rob her of her sling back.
Mdm Ng’s youngest son is acquainted with the youth. The young man had come to the wake to pay his respect to Mdm Ng’s late husband at about 11pm and did not leave.
“He looks about 20 plus years old, kept saying that it was late in the night, public bus has stopped service and insisted to wait till day break”, the housewife said.
The youth waited till her second son went up to Mdm Ng’s flat with the donations before he tried to rob her said Mdm Ng.