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Man sentenced to 34 years in prison and up to 24 cane strokes after committing statutory rape, mother of child charged yesterday with permitting abuse




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A 47-year-old man found guilty of committing statutory rape was sentenced in February to 34 years in prison and a maximum of 24 cane strokes. However, just yesterday, in an even more disturbing revelation, the girl’s mother was charged with allowing the sexual abuse and ill treatment of her daughter by the man, who is her boyfriend.

A 39-year-old woman was taken to court and charged yesterday, November 7, for permitting the sexual abuse of her then 13-year-old daughter by her boyfriend.

She informed the court that she intends to plead guilty to her charge. Bail was set at $5,000, and her next scheduled court date is on November 27.

For knowingly allowing her daughter to be abused, she could face up to four years of jail time and fined up to $4,000. 

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Court documents show that from January to June of 2016, the woman, who was living in a Clementi flat, allowed her boyfriend to take showers with her daughter, who was 13 years old then.

In February of this year, the unemployed man pleaded guilty to four charges of statutory rape. Additional charges – 17 all in all, of statutory rape, molestation, committing an indecent act and sexual penetration of a minor – were also reviewed.

In the end, the man was sentenced to 34 years’ jail time and up to 24 strokes of the cane.

The Straits Times had reported that the man sexually abused the young girl almost every day for seven years. She had even called the man “shushu”, or uncle, and had become so conditioned by the daily abuse that when he called her, she would automatically remove her clothing.

When she turned 13, she made a decision to stop the abuse as she could no longer handle it, after which the police were called.

Earlier reports have noted that the girl, who is now 15 years old, lives with her maternal grandmother.

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