Singapore — In a now viral Facebook post, a man says his mother’s identity card (NRIC) has been used without her knowledge by mobile phone shops to sign up for a line or to purchase phones to be sold to third parties.

Mr Ajaq Burg wrote on Facebook on Wednesday (Nov 25) that his mother then received a letter from the police summoning her for an interview.

He posted a photo of the letter to his mother, which had been written by an officer in the police’s Commercial Affairs Department.

His mother went for the interview, which was at 2 pm on Tuesday (Nov 24). She was told by the officer that various mobile shops had used her IC to sign up for a line or purchase a phone “to third parties”.

The officer then tried to help her remember which shops she had gone to and the people who had attended to her when she signed up for a SIM card, providing details and pictures to jog her memory.

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Mr Burq took to social media the following morning to warn others, with his post being  shared more than 1,600 times by Friday evening (Nov 27).

It was also possible that NRIC details were being shared by shops, he said.

There were 10 other people at the police station at the same time as his mother who seemed to be in the same case.

Mr Burq said it is much safer to go to authorised shop dealers like those for StarHub, M1 and Singtel.

He said he wanted to create awareness about the case and suggested that one’s parents be told about it. /TISG

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