Student publication The Nanyang Chronicle reported that a resident of  Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) student hostel was caught today morning (13 Oct) for taking videos of male students showering. He was apprehended at Hall of Residence 16 by two fellow residents. About 66 videos of male students showering were allegedly found in the suspect’s mobile phone.

A second-year School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student who spoke to the publications on conditions of anonymity said that he was in the shower at about 1a.m. when he noticed someone holding an iPhone above his cubicle door. The student rushed out to confront the suspect, but he hid in another cubicle to avoid capture.

The male resident then called his roommates for help and also alerted the campus security. The resident and his roommates confronted the suspect when he eventually stepped-out, while the campus security called the police.

The suspect was later identified as a 24-year-old current Hall 16 residentand a final-year student from the National Institute of Education. He allegedly attempted to delete the videos while hiding in the bathroom. The hall residents however found the deleted items in a folder in the phone.

The student publication said that “this is the second time a peeping Tom was caught allegedly targeting men showering in Hall 16 (and that) last semester, another student was found to have taken photographs of other residents in the shower.”

Police are investigating the incident.