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Is reckless Lamborghini Huracán driver the Nigerian accused in scheme to swindle Citibank?



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Police have the driver of a speeding blue Huracán caught on camera cutting lanes recklessly on Oct 1. The Police said that a 45-year-old man was arrested for dangerous driving. The incident is believed to have happened at East Coast Parkway on 1 Oct and was captured by a dashcam.

Facebook user Heng See Meng first posted a of the speeding luxury car on 2 Oct. it is believed that at least one police report was lodged against the of the car.

A reader commenting on our report of the arrest has suggested that the man arrested by the Police is the same man who was accused in a scheme to Citibank in 2009, in the USA.

The reader suggested that the driver was Paul Gabriel Amos and directed us to his Facebook. The luxury car that is said to be used in the reckless driving (SDM62E) is set as the cover photo of the Facebook page.

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The user’s check-in in Facebook that he was in a jewellery store in Cartier ION Orchard on the day of the accident (1 Oct), and one of his friend’s response to that post; that he is famous for the reckless speeding incident, suggest that he is the reckless driver of the fast car.

The Straits Times reported on 21 Feb 2009 that a Nigerian citizen was indicted on charges of scheming to steal about $27.2 million (S$41.6 million) from a National Bank of Ethiopia account at Citibank N.A., a unit of Citigroup. The report identified the accused man as Paul Gabriel Amos.

The alleged fraudster was arrested in Los Angeles in 2009 and pleaded not guilty in US District Court to a charge of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud.

An FBI document said that from September through November of 2008, Amos and unidentified co-conspirators sent fake signed documents to Citibank which appeared to match signatures of officials at National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), the country’s central bank, US.

Amos and the others were accused of providing callback telephone numbers for the Ethiopian officials that in fact were mobile phone numbers used by the conspirators in Nigeria, South Africa and Britain. The document said alleged that Amos schemed to ‘gain access to or take over’ the NBE account at Citibank in New York.

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Amos was identified as a citizen of Nigeria who lived in Singapore until his arrest in Los Angeles on 15 Jan 2009.

The prosecutors in the United States of America said that between in October 2008, Amos and co-conspirators caused Citibank to make a total of about 24 wire transfers amounting to almost US$27.2 million to various accounts they controlled in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, , Cyprus and the United States.

The decision of the Court in the case is unclear. But in January of this year, a commentator on a blog asked: “Why is this Paul Gabriel Amos still walking around a free man, in Singapore?”Follow us on Social Media

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