SINGAPORE: A maid wanted to know if she could lie to her employer about going on holiday because she wants to find another employer.

In an anonymous post, the maid’s friend posted her scenario to a Facebook group, asking other helpers and employers for advice. The friend wrote that the helper planned to go back to the Philippines in December without telling her employer that she wouldn’t be returning after her home leave.

Subsequently, she wanted to find another employer. The maid wanted to know if there was any chance that her employer would blocklist her for not coming back.

In the group, the admin who posted the maid’s question said: “Posting on behalf of member about her friend’s plan to go back for her paid holiday and not coming back to serve her remaining WP. Integrity is utmost important, my agency will not recruit such helpers as they will pose risks for my clients”.

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Here’s what others who commented on the post said:


Earlier this year, a foreign domestic helper took to social media asking others if she had the right to demand a higher salary.

In a post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid wrote that she wanted a S$100 increase in her salary and to be able to take the day off on Public Holidays. She added that she had been working for the family for almost six years, with a salary of $750. The maid also wrote that she had to take care of three children, aged 7, 5, and 3.

“Do u think i have the right to demand for another $100 increase and PH off in case they still want to renew my contract?” she asked.

Maid asks if she has the right to demand salary increase and public holidays after 6 years with the same employer