SINGAPORE: A maid recently took to an online group for domestic workers in Singapore to write an anonymous post wherein she asked Singaporeans for advice on the stress she feels in her job. She claimed that her stressful workload without any lunch breaks has caused her to lose a lot of weight.

“I need some advice,” the maid wrote in a working conditions forum for domestic workers in Singapore on Friday (Feb 16). “I’ve been working here (with) my current employer for 14 months and the situation is the same… very fussy. Every time (they) complain about food and housework. I also lost six kilograms on my fifth month working here. Now I’ve lost eight to nine kilograms already.”

The post went on to share how the domestic worker feels about her current workload. “I’m very pressured and stressed. A lot of work to do but not enough time. Even (eating) my meal I need to rush. No lunch time and tea time but I find my (own) way to deal with it.”

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She then requested for commenters to refrain from criticising, saying, “No bashing please… any advice, because I’m very stressed. Just a bit of helpful advice, thank you.”

Many online users encouraged the domestic worker to converse with her employer.

“Have a good chat with your boss and learn how to manage things in the house like which needs to be done first in the morning and followed by the rest,” said one.

“Sometimes our boss doesn’t understand unless they have done it before so just have a good chat with your boss about your work schedule.”

“Then have a word with your employer,” said another. “If you don’t bring it up, how would they know? They might presume you are doing fine. Didn’t they question you about your weight loss? Are you a fussy eater?

These days, many employers treat their helpers very well. Just talk it out with them. Hope all goes well then.”

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Still, others encouraged the maid to prioritise her health. “Better go home first, sis,” said one. “(Health) is more important than money.”

“Prioritize self-care,” wrote another. “Even if you have limited time, it’s important to take care of yourself. Make sure to eat nutritious meals and find small moments throughout the day to relax and recharge…

“Seek support: Reach out to friends, family, or colleagues for emotional support. Sometimes just talking about your feelings with someone who understands can make a big difference.

Remember, it’s important to prioritize your well-being. If the situation continues to be unbearable, Take care of yourself!”

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