Tan Lee Hoon Convicted in High-Profile Singapore News Maid Abuse Case: Sentosa Cove Employer Gets 10-Month Jail Term

SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper took to social media asking others for advice about a man threatening her.

In an anonymous post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers, the maid asked how to report someone who threatened her. Without elaborating much on her particular situation, the helper said she had screenshots of messages between her and the individual, as well as video recordings of the man “telling (her) nonsense words”.

Netizens who commented on the helper’s post said that if she felt threats had been made that had harmed her, she should make a police report. One netizen wrote: “You still need the detail info of the guy to report him to police. Police will not want to spend much time trying to identify the guy thru the video for you”.

To that, the helper responded that she made a police report that she furnished with the man’s details. She wrote: “hi,done lodge a report..all his details i know well..where he stay,work company,work adress,..i already gave all the details to the police..now i need to go to state court for the protection if ever he will harass me again..thank you”.

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In October, another foreign domestic helper took to social media asking for help and advice after getting involved with loan sharks. In an anonymous post to a support group on social media for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid reached out as she was worried her employers would be harassed.

She wrote: “Dear Admin, Please advice as I got involve into Lshark. Though I rejected there offer.But they already transfer into my account”. She added that she wanted to give them back the full amount as she would not be able to use the entire sum in such a short amount of time. She was also considering going to her bank to close her account before blocking the loansharks. “My worries (sic) if they will call or harass my Employer. What should I do?” she asked.

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