Facebook user Laoer Tian shared the video of an LTA Officer engaged in a heated argument with the driver of the vehicle SJF1609M. The LTA officer can be heard threatening that he will whack the driver. At a juncture, he pulled open the door of the car on the driver’s side in anger.

He was cautioned against harming the driver by the video taker. The person who took the video, a woman, can be heard saying, “hey…hey…hey…hey…you are working for the Government ah…you don’t behave this way. ok…don’t behave this way.”

The LTA officer can be heard saying, “yeah behave never mind…”

The woman then told him, “So what, it doesn’t mean that you can open the door and threaten people.”

“If he want to hammer me, ask him come ah,” the LTA officer replied.

The woman asked the officer to refrain from harming anyone and be patient as he is working for the Government.

The driver of the car drove away as the LTA officer was talking to the woman.