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Little India: more security, more control




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Parliament is in session today. Many of the highlights are about Little India –  the life there after a riot that included flipped police cars, burnt ambulances and plenty of fingers pointing at the bottle.

So, in case your Facebook and Twitter feeds are too confusing, here’s a quick summary of the future of Little India.


– 20-30 officers and Special Ops Command troops alongside 81 auxiliary officers and private security officers will be deployed on weekends and public holidays and eves in little India. According to TODAY, this is for a “strong uniformed presence on weekends”.


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– DPM Teo Chee Hean says traffic police will clamp down on jaywalkers and the government will consider further tightening of liquor control at places where large numbers of foreign workers congregate. There is also a new law that will allow stricter alcohol restrictions and movement of persons.


– Foreign workers are treated well and are happy in Singapore. 80 per cent of them said so.


– Ministry of Manpower (MOM)  regularly reviews laws that protect foreign workers to make sure they are still relevant. Acting Manpower Minister, Tan Chuan-Jin, says he is very puzzled about the alleged claims that foreign workforce is badly abused.


– Recreation centres and more dorms will be built up for foreign workers but they can still go to Little India. MOM and NGOs will work together to educate foreign workers about Singapore’s social norms and laws.


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