SINGAPORE: Contrary to popular belief, people don’t always end up working in the field they studied in. Singaporeans shared the contrast between their degrees and the actual industries they are now working in after a Singaporean broached the topic on Reddit. From linguistics to data science and even architecture to IT, people shared the different turns their lives have made.

“Just curious how often people switch pathways,” a Singaporean online wrote on Reddit on Thursday (April 18). “Also, I have no idea what to pursue. Should I get a generic business degree just to be safe?” The post was titled, “What degree did you get and what career are you doing now?”

Many responded to the writer’s post, sharing their rather unconventional career shifts. One respondent, who identified themselves as a former producer, revealed their transition into governmental work. They highlighted the transferability of skills acquired in their previous role, emphasizing the parallels between production and project management within a high-pressure environment.

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Another participant shared their journey from a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Sociology to a role in the aviation sector, citing a desire to break away from conventional office routines. “I got a pretty general degree because I had no idea what to do with my life,” they explained, underscoring the pivotal career switch made in their late 20s.

Among the anecdotes shared, one individual disclosed a transition from linguistics to data science, illustrating the dynamic nature of career trajectories in today’s job market. This sentiment was echoed by another contributor who emphasized the uncertainty inherent in charting one’s professional path. They advocated for a pragmatic approach, advising individuals to align their academic pursuits with industry demands or seek guidance from career coaches.

Reflecting on their personal experience, a Reddit user highlighted the evolving perception of certain fields, noting the resurgence of interest in computing despite its historical stigma. Despite facing academic challenges, they navigated into a relevant field, showcasing the cyclical nature of career trends.

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