SINGAPORE: A former marketing head who lost his job back in November 2023 took to an online forum on Wednesday (April 17) to share his struggles to find a job.

With job security being one of people’s primary concerns, being unemployed for some time can be quite discouraging. The former marketing head shared, “Like some folks out there, I’ve been retrenched since November 2023 and it’s been four full months since I’ve been unemployed. It’s my first and truth be told, I’ve never thought it would happen to me so I did take a while to come to terms.

“I was the head of marketing for a global brand based in the UK one moment and the next, I’m struggling to land a role so it’s been awfully painful. I recognised that eventually in hindsight, I would become stronger, and look back and laugh about it but here and now, the feeling of fleeting anxiety and worry comes and goes. Applications amount to the hundreds, interviews come in the tens, and rejections come in the countless.”

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The writer shared that to cope, he’s been staying active and from time to time, turns to drinking to get his mind off his dilemma. “Reconnecting/networking with individuals that I have worked with, lending shoulders/ears to fellow retrenchees,” he added, “It feels like a nightmare, a nightmare that developed into the thought of ‘What if I never land something decent again?…a nightmare that made a once confident in his abilities man, to a man of worry, anxiety and simply (one lacking) confidence.”

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Singaporeans leave messages of support 

A handful of Singaporeans online left messages of support, from giving some advice to sharing their own similar experiences.

“Bro, I got laid off twice last year,” wrote one. “What you can do is just keep applying, take time off for yourself, yes working out is good. But if you’ve exhausted all applications just take a break. Come back again when you’re fresh. I’m not in the same industry as you but it’s as (messed up) too. Very volatile. Too easy to feel depressed, but keep yourself busy with reading, and some upskilling.”

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“Do part-time work to make money and keep your mind occupied,” said another. “Sucks to see that bank balance keep dropping every month.”

“You need to stabilize and neutralize your mood and state of mind before getting onto the job hunting wheel,” another advised. “Headhunters and potential employers can smell a man lacking self-confidence a mile away. You had the swag before. You were a head of marketing. You gave value to the company you worked at previously. Always remember that. So. Balance yourself. And your confidence will come back to you.”

Someone who went through something similar shared, “I didn’t get retrenched per se, but I forced myself to resign from my previous jobs as I had to settle some issues at home for a prolonged period. During that time, I took up part-time jobs and went for walks to keep myself occupied. After some time, I managed to go back to a full-time role, albeit having to restart all over again. Don’t worry OP, you’ll be out of the woods one day.”

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