Hong Kong — On Wednesday (Nov 3), former screen godddess Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia celebrated her 67th birthday. She looked as radiant as ever.

On Thursday, she posted a photo of herself on Weibo, and wrote in Chinese: “I hope you have a good life – with nothing to trouble you and happiness surrounding you till you are old.” In the photo, Lin is seen blowing out a candle on a cake, as reported by Straits Times.

Fans of the star wished her a happy birthday. The earrings and ring that Lin was wearing also caught the attention of many. The actress launched her last book, whose Chinese title translates to In Front And Behind The Mirror, to mark her birthday last year.

She has written two other books – Inside And Outside The Window in 2011 and Cloud To Cloud in 2014. In an interview with Taiwan’s China Times in July, she shared that her weight shot up to 68kg before Christmas Day last year. The former actress decided to go on a diet by eating food with less oil, salt and sugar. She also skipped the tidbits and supper and worked out more.

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Photo: Instagram screengrab/Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia

In two months the star lost 9kg and weighed 56kg by summer this year. Lin, who is known for roles in movies such as Red Dust (1990), Swordsman II (1992) and The Bride With White Hair (1993), quit acting after marrying Hong Kong businessman Michael Ying in 1994.

She has two daughters with Mr Ying, 71, and a stepdaughter from his previous marriage.

Born on Nov 3, 1954, Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia is a Taiwanese actress. She is regarded as an icon of Chinese language cinema for her extensive and varied roles in both Taiwanese and Hong Kong films.

Lin was born in Chiayi, Taiwan. She was scouted in 1972 on the streets of Taipei, by a film producer after she finished women’s high school and was preparing for university/TISG