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Lim Tean to Chan, ‘If we have a gov’t that treats foreigners better, I say bye bye to you’




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Fresh from talking to residents at the Tiong Bahru market at Tanjong Pagar GRC, lawyer and opposition leader Lim Tean posted a video on Sunday morning, February 10, wherein he tackled issues that Members of Parliament in the area had recently raised.


Lim took aim at MP Joan Pereira and the recent suggestion for the CPF for older citizens to be increased, as well as Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing’s statement on Saturday night concerning the need for Singapore to remain stable, in order to continue to attract investors.

Pereira had been part of a panel that suggested the increase in CPF contributions for the elderly. According to Lim Tean, the older people he talked to scoffed at the idea.

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He said, “You know what? I was at a table of elderlies who basically poo-poohed the idea. Everyone knows that this move is detrimental to the employment of the elderlies. And it shows a government, it shows MPs who do not know, who have no experience of the real world, who have never done business.”

His point was that an employer who can give a young person work would prefer to do so over an older one, given that the CPF contribution would just be the same.

However, Lim saved even more pointed words for the Trade and Industry Minister.

Chan had said on at a Chinese New Year dinner on Saturday night, “As we prepare for the leadership transition in the coming years, we will need to send a positive signal to the world about our stability, our cohesion and our progressiveness so that we can continue to inspire confidence in all investors to want to invest in Singapore, to create good jobs for our people.”

Lim answers Chan directly. “My reply to him is very simple. Singaporeans have no need to keep an inefficient and incompetent government in place, The reason why we have a government is to serve the interests of Singaporeans. If we have a government that does not look after Singaporeans and actually treats foreigners better, I say bye bye to you.”

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