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From the personal life situations described by these two social media users, we may be able to explore their implications in depth. These incidents have underlined the importance and significance of early financial planning and management for the family.

In the early days, most people did not emphasise family financial planning and anticipated any sudden fall of misfortune or unexpected and unfavourable circumstances/events. It is especially difficult for low—and middle-income households to accumulate excess savings due to their limited income.

Nowadays, many realise that putting aside parts of their income as necessary savings is vital for the “rainy day” and urgent use. Nevertheless, how much savings can be made depends on the respective family’s financial income/ability.

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These cases also highlight the traditional issue and ways of fulfilling the duty or the obligation of filial piety.

Under any circumstances, parents and children require frequent, open, and frank discussions about how to strike a positive balance between the family’s financial support and the children’s earning capability.

This way, the family’s finances will not be jeopardised, and unnecessary psychological pressure or burden will not be added to their children, as their children also have a family to care for.

No matter how, a family’s growth, harmony, stability, and bonding need the unity and fulfilment of concerted efforts and synergy from all family members.

Teo Kueh Liang

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