SINGAPORE: Singaporeans have clapped back at a travel blogger who posted an unconventional travel reel, sharing reasons why she would never visit Singapore again.

The travel blogger with the handle @ninas_travels_ took to social media with a reel on Thursday (March 28), writing: “Singapore is a very clean country, but for me, it is not a beautiful country,” she said.

“For me personally there is too much traffic and there are too many buildings.” She also included that there was “no vibe,” saying she found it “very boring.” She even went so far as to call it “the most boring country I (have been to).”

“Everything ‘natural’ there is not the real nature. Also, the prices,” she said, mentioning a service where people use an app to request short-term accommodations in people’s homes.

“Same for the food,” she added. “It wasn’t even delicious for the price.”

Singaporeans clap back at travel blogger

The reel, which has garnered over two million views since it was posted, caught the attention of Singaporeans who defended their country. The reel was shared on other sites as well, where many Singaporeans clapped back at the foreigner’s post.

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Many did not see the point of her sharing such things, arguing that the answer was simple. “Just (don’t) visit us again!” said one. Another pointed out, “(We) didn’t ask you to come (either).”

“This is easy,” said a third. “These so-called travel bloggers are going for cheap and they all thought Singapore is cheap like our neighbours. On the other hand, there are tourists who come and decide to move here with their families too.”

Others argued that the digital creator failed to visit the right places to match what she was looking for.

“Hey Singaporean here! If you wanted nature, you didn’t get a good guide,” one argued. “You should have gone to one of the islands or to Sentosa. I’d prefer the islands though if you wanted more nature.

Alternatively, you could have also gone to one of our nature reserves.”

Even a foreigner defended the country, saying, “I’m a foreigner living in Singapore. If you think it’s boring you just didn’t have the right guide.

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While it is true that all the nature is manicured it’s still beautiful and far more nature than you find inside any European and American city.

I could honestly spend hours observing all the unique shapes of the buildings.

While the restaurants are very expensive, the hawker centres cost under $10 for an entire meal, it’s also probably the best food I had in Singapore so the value for money is insane.

And exploring the different food in all the hawker centres could take days, there are also various Michelin star/Michelin guide hawker stalls.

Even though it’s a small city there is a lot to see. Apart from the three cultural quarters which show you clear diversity of Singapore, there is also a lot of art and tourist attractions…”

Still, one online user did not mince words and said, “Please don’t come. We’re too over-crowded already.”