Dear Editor,

I read with deep sadness to The Independent Singapore’s report, “Nearly 35,000 sign petition seeking justice for cat thrown from 22nd floor of Boon Lay Ave HDB block” (Dec 18).

I feel a sense of double sadness for the death of a community cat, recently “murdered” by a 10-year-old boy in Boon Lay Avenue. This incident was not merely a loss of an adorable and pitiful animal’s life, but it also warrants our worries and concerns about the boy’s unusual and wicked behaviour.

The sentiments of thousands of online petitioners to seek justice for this animal’s tragedy are fully understandable and provide food for thought, as the specific boy’s confession that he lacks love from his parents. This has clearly displayed that parental love and guidance are of the utmost importance to a child’s mental health and development, as well as to his growing processes.

However, the boy did not know that he had committed a serious offence by throwing a cat down from the 22nd floor of an HDB block in Boon Lay area. And the boy might not be aware that it was the wrong, silly, or irrational way of killing a cat just to capture the attention of his parents to appeal to parental love and concerns.

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Anyway, it is very important for parents to spend some quality time with their children, discussing any subjects which concern their studies, life’s encountering, aspirations and hobbies etc., so that to foster closer kin relationships.

Therefore, the parents concerned and the problematic boy/child need serious and long-term counselling from professional psychiatrists. It is not appropriate here to discuss the nature and matter of the offence committed by the boy.

Teo Kueh Liang

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