Lee Hsien Yang announced the debut of his new website in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Nov 10).

Mr Lee, the younger brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, is known for being vocal about his political views and thoughts on the late Mr Lee’s home, 38 Oxley Road.

In a new website, leehsienyang.net, Mr Lee wrote: “Ask Questions.
Support Causes”.

“Every citizen needs to continue to discuss the issues facing our country”, a quote on the home page of his website read.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (Nov 10), Mr Lee shared a link to the new website and added: “Many of you have asked. I have compiled a simple index of some of my posts at leehsienyang.net to make it easier to navigate. Please have a look”.

When navigating his website, he provided chronological links to a list of interviews he gave on Singapore.

There was also a tab titled ‘Oxley’, that contained links to some of his older Facebook posts on the matter.

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The younger Mr Lee shared the following quote on the home page of his website: “It is a false narrative to say that one can only talk about politics if one stands for election. Politics is not just for those who seek political office. It is for every citizen. It is our right and our duty. We have every right to be involved as it impacts our daily lives, it shapes our future.

We all need to be part of that political discourse and we can all make a difference in different ways. For some it is through standing for political office, for others it is speaking up and sharing ideas and views. It could be by asking questions, by supporting causes one believes in, or just by having a conversation on political issues that matter with friends and families”.

It was taken from a Bloomberg interview done earlier this year (Jul 7). /TISG