Actor Lawrence Wong prefers to actively exercise than to actively seek true love, and he tells us why..

Actor Lawrence Wong, a 34-year-old Singaporean actor, is currently part of the Chinese drama ‘Ripple Heart’ where he acts as a handsome fitness coach. In the drama, his character is going to be part of a love triangle. 

The 34-year Singaporean actor mentioned that when faced with a love triangle in real life, he will immediately walk away from the relationship. 

Photo from: Lawrence Wong’s Instagram page

He said he is glad that he did not experience this kind of love story before in his life. 

“Love triangles are painful, and my personality is relatively passive. If I encounter such a situation, I will choose to quit automatically” said actor Lawrence Wong.

The 34-year-old also stated that when he and his friend fell in love with the same girl, he undoubtedly cut off his connection with the girl. 

“My friend’s girlfriend is absolutely not allowed to touch,” he added. 

However, if the girl is still single, he said he would pursue her in the fairest way. 

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Furthermore, his character in the Chinese drama mentioned the line: “The pay and return of fitness is more reliable than love”

In real life, Wong agrees with the statement as he believes that as long as people work hard to achieve their fitness goals, they will definitely be rewarded with the best results. It is not the case for falling in love, wherein there is no guarantee that efforts and sacrifices will be rewarded as much unless the other person feels the same way. To him, love can cause more injuries. 

“I will not deliberately seek love, but if it comes, I will not refuse” he exclaimed. 

More so, aside from the Chinese drama, he is willing to return to local filming and be part of Singaporean films once again if given the opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Lawrence Wong, and what is he famous for?

Lawrence Wong is a renowned Singaporean actor known for his diverse roles in both Singaporean and international dramas and films. He has recently made headlines for his role in the Chinese drama ‘Ripple Heart’.

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Is Lawrence Wong actor married? Who is Lawrence Wong actor wife?

Details about Lawrence Wong’s marital status or Lawrence Wong actor wife are not widely publicized. He prefers to keep his personal relationships private.

 How can I follow Lawrence Wong on social media?

Lawrence Wong is active on social media platforms, including his Lawrence Wong Instagram account, where he frequently shares personal and professional updates.

Lawrence Wong Instagram:

What are Lawrence Wong’s views on love and relationships?

Recently, Lawrence Wong opened up about his views on love, relationships, and love triangles, expressing a strong stance against getting involved in a romantic triangle and emphasizing the importance of fairness and integrity in relationships.

Will Lawrence Wong actor continue to work in Singaporean cinema?

Lawrence Wong has expressed his willingness to return to Singaporean films. He remains connected to his roots and is open to local projects that align with his interests and career goals.

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