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Joanne Peh received critical ccomments from netizens in her Instagram post because she was reluctant to pay $3 for a coconut.

Recently, Joanne Peh and her family visited Thailand. The Singaporean actress shared an Instagram post where she was holding a coconut while wearing a bikini and mentioned that she does not want to drink from coconuts in Singapore because it’s expensive.


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Peh was also reluctant to buy and drink coconut when she was in Thailand. However, when she realized that it was a native product of the place, she immediately grabbed and purchased one. 

As seen in the photo that she posted, the coconut only amounted to 60 baht (S$2.20). A netizen reacted that coconuts in Singapore cost almost the same – S$2.50 – and asked why she was so hesitant to buy these. 

The actress rebutted the comment by saying that supermarkets in Singapore sell coconuts for $3 and are not worth the sips, unlike the coconuts in Thailand where it was big, sweet and definitely worth it. 

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Another netizen commented to ask if she can’t afford to pay $3, and Peh responded that being unwilling and unaffordable are two different concepts. The same netizen made a remark that the actress is humblebragging (pretending to be humble, but actually boasting). 

To end the heated argument, Joanne Peh commented in a lengthy post where she expressed her right to share opinions and views on things, especially through her own social media account. 

“Everyone has their own opinions, and they can coexist. Since it’s my platform, I still have to share my opinions. I think everyone has different views on the value of things” the actress said. 

More so, she explained that it is simple as a personal preference – what’s cheap for others may be expensive for her and vice versa. 

While netizens acknowledged her reply, they were still confused as to why a celebrity was hesitating to buy a $3 coconut. 

Joanne Peh eventually stopped replying and arguing about the matter in the comments section. 

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