Singapore ― After being interrogated about their race and cooking habits, a young couple took to social media to call out their experience with a housing agent and landlord.

In a post shared on popular Facebook page Wake Up, Singapore, screenshots between the couple and the agent were posted.

In the caption of the post, the boyfriend mentioned that he and his girlfriend were looking for a place to stay.

He added that things were going well with the agent, where “She already started talking about deposit , till my gf mentioned she was mixed indian and I am a Singaporean indian”.

He added that the agent asked if they would be cooking curry and even insisted they send her photos to see if they were Indian.

In order to ‘troll’ the agent and landlord for their racism, the pair sent over a photo of a Chinese couple and said: “Now can ask the landlord send their couple pic? This is us before plastic surgery”.

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Confused, the agent asked why the photo was of a Chinese couple, but the pair were of mixed and Indian races.

The girlfriend replied: “We got into an unfortunate accident and changed into Indian over night. Yes this is [our] new race. Mindian in Cheong Sam”.

The screenshots the couple shared also showed the entire exchange between the girlfriend and the agent. The girlfriend asked the agent: “Why did you ask me if I cook curry or not? Is that a question you ask other races?”

To this, the agent responded that Chinese people only do light cooking. The girlfriend continued: “But you specifically asked me just now on [the phone if I] cook curry?”

She added that after the agent asked her if she was Indian, the agent said that she would need to check with the landlord. The agent then replied that he could have sent the message to the wrong person, then asked the girlfriend to “send photo of you and your fiancé”.

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The girlfriend also asked the agent to send over the landlord’s photos as well, “cause if we move in, we need to be comfortable too”, she wrote.

Netizens who responded to the post were divided. Some felt that it was indeed racist to specifically mention curry, but others also felt that landlords did have the right to decide who they wanted to rent their houses to.