Sniper Accuracy: Centre JaVale McGee was noticeably forced out of his lane by Christian Wood’s accurate shooting from beyond the arc, which disrupted the Kings’ defense.

Explosive First stride: Wood’s lightning-fast first stride surprised the defence, giving him a clear path to the rim where he could strike unhindered and unopposed.

Wood is on a good run

The LA Lakers added mobile center Christian Wood, who has a career three-point percentage of 37.9%, to their roster through free agency. Despite having 67 games with the Dallas Mavericks and an unrealized ambition for an extension, Wood found a home in Hollywood with a two-year, $5.75 million contract.

Fans and coach Darvin Ham are excited about what he will bring to the squad after a great play against the Sacramento Kings demonstrated his potential.

Christian Wood took advantage of a lapse in Sacramento’s help defense during a crucial play against the Sacramento Kings by pulling off a convincing pump fake and an easy drive. Wood’s ability to make shots is already changing how the Lakers’ offensive is run.

He showed off his skills in the first half by scoring five points and grabbing four rebounds in just 13 minutes. Darvin Ham might offer him additional opportunities to play in the second half in an effort to capitalize on his noteworthy performance.

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