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On the afternoon of 9 Jul (Fri), I met Wilson at Pasir Ris MRT station on my way home. We chatted a while regarding the easing of dine-in at hawker centres and coffee shops. It was a hot topic as the government had announced from 12 Jul (Mon), five persons could sit at a table.

We were looking forward to our usual gathering, as our ‘kakis’ had not met for lunch since the two-dine-in started. I did express my reservations that the government should have “banned” all KTVs from operating. I was referring to those sleazy sex dens masquerading as KTVs as I have seen shocking video clips of the ‘shioking’ happenings inside those KTVs circulating on WhatsApp.

I told Wilson that there is no social distancing inside those KTVs and their customers intention of going there was to engage in indecent activities with those hostesses. Moreover, it would not make sense to pay those sexy hostesses by the hour if there was one-meter social distancing. Unlike them, when we gather in a coffee shop or restaurant, our only intention is to socialise while staying far apart from each other.

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I was worried that the virus in these KTVs might spread to the community. We were asking each other if the government had thought about that. Let’s hope that nothing bad would happen.

Barely from the easing of restrictions that began on 12 July (Mon), daily Covid figures suddenly shot up. Sadly, our prediction came through. The source of our recent record spike of Covid-19 cases came from those sleazy KTVs!

For as long as it’s KTVs, it’s a dangerous minefield due to the intimate activities without any social distancing going on in those dark sleazy places.

Between 12 Jul (Mon) till today, 18 Jul (Sun), positive cases of Covid-19 in the community have gone up like crazy. All our earlier efforts to contain the virus has gone up in smoke. Who is to be blamed?

The government was doing a great job until this slipshod. It’s a costly mistake, negating all their past efforts. Could it be that those government officials have never been to those KTVs at all?

The Butterfly effect has gone island-wide!

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Is it fair to those hawkers and restaurants to throw away all their food preparations and ingredients when the government suddenly imposed another round of confusing restrictions barely a week after the easing of dine-in measures?

Their businesses and livelihood are affected by those KTVs and the government’s lack of foresight! Do they get penalized for this obvious blunder, whilst we pay and suffer for their mistake? As usual, instead of acknowledging their mistake, they simply point fingers and wish away their missteps.

They blame it on the “butterfly” effects. Many, especially the ladies, don’t know about this butterfly phenomenon until they are elaborated on it to explain the super spreading of the virus via the butterflies from KTVs to the community.

What has happened cannot be undone, so let’s hope that they will learn from this costly mistake by closely monitoring all the sleazy KTVs. For as long as this Covid-19 pandemic is not eradicated, all KTVs must be banned! Do not allow them to operate for the obvious reasons stated above.

As for having a family KTV get together, they can always sing at home, at the community centres, or by the beach! We must remember that we are in a National crisis, nay Global crisis, and yet we want to sing and dance like those “Covidiots?”

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There are so many ‘Covidiots’ amongst us. One good example is that badge lady!

In the meantime, we had to go back to two-dine-in and five-dine-in if they were all vaccinated. How to prove that they are vaccinated? It’s giving coffee shop owners a big headache. But McDonald’s was wise enough to impose two-dine-in rules across the board to solve the problem. Do you see what I mean?

Covid-19 surfaced around Jan 2020, and it’s coming to the third quarter of 2021, yet there is no respite. Look at neighbouring countries, where the figures could reach beyond 10,000 cases in a day! Still thinking of family KTVs?

As I’ve said, if it’s going to remain with us like a stubborn leech, then we must ban all those KTVs with indecent activities and close body contact. Don’t let this costly mistake happen again. You will never be forgiven if it happens again. Believe me, the backlash will be so severe that you will see stars and never engage in those indecent activities again!

COVID-19 tightening rules swinging like an erratic pendulum

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