SINGAPORE: A young boy won the hearts of netizens for his kind act of shielding people from the pouring rain at a bus stop on Punggol Road.

A netizen who had benefited from the young boy’s kind deed shared a video of him holding up a light-coloured folding umbrella on the pavement in front of the open doors of a bus because of the gap between the roof and the bus.

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The bespectacled boy, who looked to be around 10 years old, was dressed in a school uniform and carried a large rucksack on his back. It seems that he was getting wet even while he was helping others stay dry.


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After the last person has alighted, he is seen closing his umbrella and beginning to walk away.

Heart of a king 👑,” wrote the anonymous netizen who shared the video of the boy on the Instagram account @sgfollowsall on Wednesday (Sept 13).

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Netizens praised him for his kindness in comments on the post.

“Pls identify his school, inform them of this good deed & gv him a standing ovation during school Assembly,” wrote one.

“Internet dwellers, find out who he is we must congratulate this man and inform his school of his great deed,” another chimed in.

One added, “If I’m his mom, I would be so so so so proud of him.”

According to another netizen, the boy is a student of Springfield Secondary School in Tampines and the school head has commended him.

“For any1 wondering he’s a sec 1 in Springfield Sec and yes the principal of the school has seen and acknowledged his act of kindness and every1 clapped for him.”

“He himself is drenched but at the same time never stop to shelter others. This is truly a well brought up boy. I will be so proud of him as a parent ❤️❤️❤️,” a netizen commented.

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Praise for the boy has continued to come in.


A big thank you to bus captain going the extra mile of holding up umbrella for passengers