A video of a bus captain grabbing an umbrella at a bus stop and ensuring his passengers didn’t get wet by the rain is circulating online, garnering respect from netizens.

“With frequent showers visiting our sunny island, kudos to this bus captain for his hard-working and great gesture in using an umbrella to keep his passengers dry. This extra mile is greatly appreciated, and we say a BIG thank you,” wrote Facebook page ROADS.sg on Apr 28.

The page shared a TikTok video of a bus approaching a bus stop, with the TikTok user already recording the scene.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

After putting the vehicle to a stop, the bus captain left his seat and gestured to the passengers to use the front exit.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

He then grabbed an umbrella and held it over the passengers alighting and boarding the vehicle.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

Although netizens wondered how the TikTok user managed to record the incident as if knowing it would happen, others noted that perhaps this was already a practice of the bus captain.

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“Always wondered how such footage was captured. Benefit of the doubt, I guess the camera person already knew the practice of this captain before and waited for his bus to arrive and shoot this footage,” said Facebook user Yee Kiang Clement Ang.

“We used to have a bus captain that would greet everyone in the morning during rush hours. Not sure what happened to him, but I now also try to greet all bus captains when I get on the bus. Spread the love,” added Facebook user Jo Wong.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Patrick Cico Cico Libita had a suggestion on the overall design of the bus that may be helpful during rainy seasons.

“Why not a button to trigger a simple laundry-drying-like mechanism for extendible shelter? Position just above the door. Tied to the door closing mechanism so if the door closes, it will retract as well. Since bus stops roof height do consider and is above the bus door height,” said the netizen. /TISG

Bus driver stops to shelter passengers with umbrella at every stop during heavy rain

ByHana O