Keke Palmer has taken legal action to protect herself from her former boyfriend, Darius Jackson, citing allegations of physical and emotional assault. The 30-year-old actress filed for a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles and also requested sole legal and physical custody of their 8-month-old son, Leodis “Leo.”

In court documents obtained by Page Six, Palmer detailed multiple instances of physical and emotional assault by Jackson, who is 29 years old. These instances include the destruction of her personal property, throwing her belongings into the street, preventing her from driving by taking her car keys, physically assaulting her in front of their son, using profanities about her in front of their child, threatening self-harm with a gun if she tried to leave, harassment, and other forms of emotional and physical assault.

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Physically assaulting Palmer

Although the couple officially ended their relationship last month after being together for over two years, Palmer claims to have security footage as recent as November 5, showing Jackson trespassing into her home without her consent, threatening her, and physically attacking her, including when she attempted to call the police, he grabbed her neck, struck her, threw her over a couch, and took her phone.

Palmer is requesting that Jackson complete a 52-week batterer intervention program. Palmer stated that the relationship ended for good in early October, primarily due to the physical and emotional attack she endured since June 2021. Her primary concern is the safety of their son, Leo, and ensuring that he grows up in a violence-free environment.


Palmer expressed concern that ending her relationship with Jackson did not stop his harsh behavior; in fact, she believes he has become even more unpredictable and dangerous to both her and their son.

As of now, representatives for both parties have not responded to requests for comments. Jackson posted a photo with their son on social media, expressing his love for Leo. Palmer had previously been secretive about her relationship status with Jackson, suggesting that people should mind their own business. However, she appeared to be content with her life in earlier statements. Their relationship status had been a subject of confusion among fans, with some thinking they had broken up in August after Jackson publicly criticized Palmer’s attire at an Usher concert. The TRO was initially reported by Us Weekly.

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