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Kanye West marked the launch of his latest album, “Vultures,” in Miami, accompanied by his family, including his rumored new wife, Bianca Censori, amidst speculation about a disagreement before his performance. Alongside his children from his previous marriage with Kim Kardashian, North West even showcased her rap skills on the track “Slide,” captivating the audience with her confident delivery.

Reports from Variety confirmed Kardashian’s presence at the event where North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm joined their father. Following the impromptu performance, West left with Censori, who carried Chicago as they exited. Known for her distinctive style, Censori opted for a more subdued outfit, donning a floor-length leather coat, a black-and-white hat, and eye-catching red snakeskin boots, while West kept it casual in a black T-shirt and trousers paired with dark blue boots.

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Kanye West and Censori dating

Their relationship, debuted earlier in the year, has been eventful, featuring public displays of affection during European trips. Speculation arose about changes in Censori due to increased attention, with reports suggesting clashes between her and West over her public appearances and his alleged desire for control over her style and behavior.

Sources revealed concerns among Censori’s friends regarding her altered behavior in the spotlight, describing conflicts arising when she expressed herself freely during social events, contradicting West’s preferences for her attire and demeanor. Observers worry about her independence being compromised in West’s narrative, likening her public display with a stuffed animal to a symbolic act of seeking security but questioning the control exerted over her.

Outfit that looks like a black KKK hood

Kanye West, known as Ye, sparked controversy anew by sporting a black hood resembling the Ku Klux Klan at a Miami listening party for his latest music. This event follows a turbulent 2022, where he faced severe financial losses due to widely condemned antisemitic remarks. Initially appearing at the “Vultures Rave” during Miami’s Art Basel festival in a face-covering garment, West later changed into an ensemble that notably included what resembled a black KKK hood.

As his track “Vultures” played, West took the stage wearing this controversial hood, adding to the song’s own contentious nature due to lyrics that include the line, “How I’m antisemitic?” He also swore saying that he just slept with a Jewish woman.

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