Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam visited ‘The T Project shelter’ earlier today (October 3).

In a social media post, the Minister shared photos of his time there and wrote, “The transgender community faces enormous challenges. The T Project offers help to those who have fallen through the cracks because of family issues. They provide counselling, job opportunities and most importantly a safe space”.

The Law and Home Affairs Minister has said previously that the government is strongly opposed to any harassment of any group, and will not hesitate to take action if the harassment crosses the line.

He has also mentioned that while people have strong views on LGBT issues, it is not acceptable to harass either the LGBT activists or the anti LGBT activists.

Despite many who are personally accepting of LGBT issues, Singapore still has not repealed Section 377A of the Penal code, a law criminalising sex between consenting adult men.

Just last month, a retired General Practitioner and lecturer at the National University of Singapore Dr Roy Tan filed a case challenging the constitutionality of Section 377A of the penal code.

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A Mr Tan Eng Hong first challenged 377A in 2010 which was initially met with resistance from the gay community itself.

At the Smart Nation Summit in San Francisco earlier this year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made his thoughts on the matter clear.

PM Lee said that Singapore is open to the LGBT community even though Section 377A, the law that criminalises sex between men, will continue to remain on Singapore’s legislation.

PM Lee said: “You know our rules in Singapore. Whatever your sexual orientation, you are welcome to come and work in Singapore.”

He added that LGBT people are living freely here with the annual Pink Dot gathering occurring over the years.

He also said: “But this has not inhibited people from living, and has not stopped Pink Dot from having a gathering every year.”

“My personal view is that if I don’t have a problem — this is an uneasy compromise — I’m prepared to live with it until social attitudes change”, the Prime Minister said. /TISG

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