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Actress Jodie Foster says that her 50’s was a really difficult time for her and that it was such a relief after she turned 60. The biggest shifts in her life occurred when she turned 30 and then later when she turned 60. 

She said in her 50’s there was so much pressure to maintain a certain look. Speaking to Interview magazine, she said, “It was an awkward phase where everybody who’s in their late 40s and 50s is very busy getting all plumped and shooting s—- into their face. I didn’t want that life but I also knew that I couldn’t compete with my old self. So my 50’s were tough.” 

Foster: Making something out of nothing

But at 60 Foster somehow went back to work with a different attitude. She no longer feels a loss about not doing lead roles and started to enjoy supporting other people. “This is not my time. I had my time. This is their time, and I get to participate in it by giving them whatever wisdom I have.

“Somehow it’s so much more satisfying to be part of a team that’s doing something awesome than it is to be all on your own trying to jump up that hill and make something out of nothing while everybody’s like, ‘Is it going to open well? And the pressure I had being a leading lady? Gosh, it all disappears the minute you say, ‘No.’ It’s shocking how great that is.” 

The latest film

Foster was most recently seen in Nyad, a story about a marathon swimmer with Annette Bening. The biopic revolves around the triumphs of swimmer Diana Nyad who makes an epic swim from Cuba to Key West in her 60s after repeated attempts. The film shows her swimming 111 miles in 53 hours (a feat she achieved in 2013) where she is stung by jellyfish and man o’ wars as well as threatened by a shark as well as a violent storm at sea. 

The film is currently streaming on Netflix. 

Foster will also appear in HBO’s True Detective: Night Country. 

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