SEEK's new Better Match

SINGAPORE: SEEK, operating behind Asia’s leading online job marketplaces, Jobstreet and Jobsdb, has rolled out an exciting new brand campaign.

The Better Matches campaign uses imaginative animal imagery to bring to life the complex “jungle” of job hunting and hiring. Its aim is to revolutionise how job seekers and employers “match” through SEEK’s AI technology.

This initiative follows the merger of Jobstreet, Jobsdb, and SEEK’s platforms across the Asia-Pacific region.

All three brands operate under one unified platform supercharged by SEEK’s cutting-edge AI tech while retaining their individual brands.

With global talent shortages hitting a 16-year peak, this unified marketplace couldn’t have come at a better time. In Singapore alone, 83% of employers struggle to find skilled talent.

Enter SEEK’s solution: a platform that connects local employers with a talent pool of over 40 million people across eight APAC markets while providing job seekers access to opportunities from over 2.5 million employers.

Better Matches Campaign

For the Better Matches campaign, SEEK teamed up with Talon Creative (Naga DDB Tribal) to produce a series of animated animal videos.

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These quirky clips feature a giraffe, a lion, and a sloth stuck in jobs that don’t align with their natural traits, resulting in some hilarious mishaps.

Like these animals, success becomes an uphill battle when candidates aren’t matched with the right roles. The animal-themed campaign is a metaphor for the ‘talent jungle’ that employers and job seekers find daunting to navigate.

Ms Jane Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia at SEEK, expressed excitement about the campaign, stating;

“We are thrilled to unveil the launch of ‘Better Matches,’ an engaging and lighthearted campaign that underscores our commitment to enhancing and streamlining the hiring process.

In Singapore’s dynamic job market, where talent acquisition is increasingly competitive, our new platform leverages AI technology to facilitate relevant job matches between employers and talent.”

The revamped platform utilises AI models to assess talent suitability and deliver highly personalised recommendations by analysing data from resumes, job ad descriptions, and employers’ past behaviours.

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This empowers employers to make “fast and right” hiring decisions. The campaign will be rolled out across various channels, including social media and Jobstreet’s own platforms.

Additionally, it will hit the streets in buses and taxis, targeting tertiary schooling districts to reach young audiences and MRT stations to catch the working crowd.

Jobstreet is also set to launch digital stickers and META filters on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. /TISG

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