A netizen has accused the Jewel Changi of allowing a local celebrity’s son to enter their new snow walk feature with sandals on, after barring her son from the feature because he was wearing similar sandals that were deemed improper by staff.

Facebook user Kailin Ng recounted: “Went to Jewels a couple of times by now, was attracted to the beautiful landscape and lightings within the mall and to know that they added extra features to the canopy walk was a bonus.

“Brought my excited Aden along, but was denied entry to this part of the park, “the snow walk” due to improper footwear. Aden was wearing sandals…Lucky for me, Aden was understanding. He left that part of the walk saying to me “it’s ok, I’m still happy.””

Ms Ng, however, was baffled to see that another child wearing similar sandals was allowed on to the snow walk just a few days later:

“What baffles me is not that such footwear is not allowed to the walk, but the very next couple of days this picture of Singapore celebrity DJ was posted and her son was allowed entry for the very reason why Aden was not allowed.”

She asked: “Are rules not strictly followed? Or are rules only for the common folks?”

Netizens responding to Ms Ng’s post blasted the management of the Jewel Changi for appearing to have different standards for celebrities and non-celebrities. The Independent has contacted the Jewel Changi for comment and will update this article when we receive a response.

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