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 “Our time on earth is frequently about the connections we make,” wrote Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim as he shared photos and short video clips of the recent Anchorvale hiking tour to Jeju Island over Facebook and Instagram.

The trip to Korea ended last Friday (Oct 23), but the Sengkang GRC Member of Parliament says he hopes that the friendships that were made while on the trip will remain strong.

The trip was first announced in late August on the Sengkang GRC Facebook page, where residents were invited to “Join your MP Jamus Lim on an exclusive 5-day hiking tour in Jeju Island, Korea this October!”

Spots on the tour sold out pretty quickly. 

Photo: FB screengrab/Jamus Lim

The highlights of the trip include visits to Geumak Oreum, Saryeoni Forest Trail, Mangjanggul Cave, and Camellia Hill.

To prepare for the trip, Assoc Prof Lim went with residents to walk along the route of the Southern Ridges last month, followed by other preparatory hikes.

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And now that the trip has come and gone, others are being planned for the future.

Based on the three-minute slideshow Assoc Prof Lim shared over social media, it appeared that his wife and their young daughter also joined the fun.

Photo: FB screengrab/Jamus Lim

It was also physically challenging for some participants, but the MP wrote that he hoped “they were able to challenge themselves, and prove that they could accomplish something that they had previously thought was not possible.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Jamus Lim

But more importantly, the residents had been able to bond together through the shared hikes and meals, he added.

Photo: FB screengrab/Jamus Lim

“At the same time, I hoped that they were able to enjoy their time convening not just with nature, but also with each other, especially over our many lunches and dinners. In many cultures, shared meals are a way to foster trust and build bonds. I’m sure that our travelers will have done the same, over tons of fresh seafood.

Our time on earth is frequently about the connections we make. 

As we return to the hustle and bustle of our daily routines in Singapore, I hope that the friendships born during the trip will continue, and the memories made will be a source of continued growth for everyone, as they travel onward in this journey of life. 

Thanks to the team at Travel Wander for their partnership in putting the trip itinerary, and for keeping everyone safe! #TeamSengkang #SengkangGRC

Photo: FB screengrab/Jamus Lim


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