Jamus Lim

Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) posted on Facebook on Monday morning (May 9) about a day trip to Bekok, a mukim in Johor Bahru, that he’s taking as part of the “first #Anchorvale trip to Malaysia!”

He then invited others to join as well. “Planning to bring your family somewhere during the June holidays? Why not spend a day in Johor Bahru on a trip, with myself, to the serene town of Bekok to enjoy the street art mural, learn about Hakka culture, and at the same time enjoy delicious meals along with the chance to flex your shopping muscles at the malls? Come join us on the first #Anchorvale trip to Malaysia!”

Those who are interested in the trip may reach out via WhatsApp at 8030 0032 or email anchorvale@wp.sg, he added.

Assoc Prof Lim attached a poster of the one-day Bekok Tour, scheduled for June 25, which falls on a Saturday. It will be an early day for participants, who are asked to come by 5:30 am at Block 350 Anchorvale Road Void Deck, the meeting place.

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Bekok is around 170 kilometres away from Anchorvale, making the trip likely to last around two and a half hours.

The trip costs $78 for adults and $75 for children, inclusive of transport fare on a Singapore Registered Coach, a tour guide, tips for the guide and driver, as well as travel insurance. 

Highlights of the trip are a visit to the Hakka Cultural Museum and shopping malls, and seeing Wall Art Murals, as Assoc Prof Lim wrote.

Singaporeans wishing to join need to ensure that their passports have a validity of at least six months, and participants from other countries should have the necessary visa.

Commenters on Assoc Prof Lim’s post, which has been shared by many, have been positive.

A number of netizens asked if they can come along, even if they were not from Sengkang GRC.

Others confessed to getting a little confused at first, having read “Bedok,” which is in Singapore, instead of “Bekok.”

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