Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim doesn’t only write about politics, economics, or the issues at the Anchorvale ward in Sengkang GRC as he has also been known to post about fitness & health, the environment, and, every so often, food.

Recently, he wrote about foods known and loved by many Singaporeans—the Malay noodle dishes mee rebus, mee siam, and mee soto. Posting a photo of mee rebus on Facebook last weekend, he wrote, “I love the way mee rebus transforms as you eat it: the way the thick gravy slowly turns more into a broth by the end of the meal, how the initial sweet flavors are best counterbalanced by the spicy green chili, but eventually gives way to the savory tauhu, and how the yolk of the hard-boiled egg gradually melts and melds into the sauce itself.”

The Sengkang GRC MP added where he usually gets his mee rebus fix, which, from the way he describes it, sounds very satisfying indeed.

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“When I’m in #Anchorvale during breakfast or lunch, I would occasionally swing by the Malay food stall at 350 and grab a plate of their mee rebus. In my view, the place gets the balance of flavors just right, and sends me to a happy place.”

“I probably enjoy mee rebus the most”, although he admitted to craving “mee siam when I wish for something lighter and tangier, while mee soto is something I think of more on cold rainy days.”

Assoc Prof Lim’s post sparked a lively discussion on Facebook, with many commenters weighing in.

The MP appears to be not alone in enjoying this food stall’s mee rebus.

Others thanked him for the recommendation. 

Some netizens even recommended that mee rebus be enjoyed with a fried chicken wing.

In another popular Facebook post last year, Assoc Prof Lim even broke down the cost of his meal because some commenters “seem(ed) to get curiously incensed when I post about unfamiliar foods.” /TISG

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Jamus Lim breaks down the cost of his meal because some ‘seem to get curiously incensed when I post about unfamiliar foods’