Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness’ divorce was meant to be low key but it’s now been blown out of the water with the latest terms that Jackman has imposed on his ex-wife.

Jackman has $100 million in net worth but will only split it with Furness on condition that she sign an “ironclad” NDA so that certain aspects of their relationship when they were together can be kept secret.

According to an inside source this move isn’t about being tight with finances but about having control.

“Hugh’s concern has never been money, but rather control. He’s a man with lots of secrets and doesn’t want any of the exposed,” said one source.

The question really is what kind of secrets and why is he so worried about being exposed.

He is apparently writing a memoir which he claims will reveal a lot of surprises and bombshells about his personal life.

Furness and the NDA

But money is a big deal and it doesn’t seem altogether unreasonable for Furness to keep quiet if she’s going to get a ton of money just by signing an NDA.

“Let’s just say Deb will not need to worry about getting a job. She’ll have enough money for the rest of her life – if she signs an airtight nondisclosure agreement. They do not have a prenup and he is poised to be exceedingly generous with his $100 million fortune, provided she accedes to his stipulations,” said the source in an interview with the National Enquirer.

The Wolverine star who is 55 and Furness who is 67 announced their decision to separate in September after 27 years of marriage.

According to reports there was no third party involved and it was merely a case of the duo starting to live like roommates and wanting to go their separate ways. They met in 1995 on the Australian television series Corelli in which Furness was the star and Jackman was an up and coming actor.

The couple later adopted two children post marriage.

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