In the wake of a landmark decision by the Alabama Supreme Court recognizing frozen embryos as children, the battleground over reproductive rights has intensified. This thrusts in vitro fertilization (IVF) into the national spotlight.

President Joe Biden’s recent call to Congress to safeguard the right to IVF in his State of the Union address has ignited fresh debate on the matter. It’s challenging Republicans to reconcile their traditional pro-life stance with support for a procedure that often involves embryo destruction.

But this clash isn’t just about policy; it’s shaping up to be a pivotal issue in the upcoming elections.

Despite the Alabama ruling’s implications, a vast majority of Americans support access to IVF, as revealed by recent polling.

From Civiqs/DailyKos, 80% of registered voters believe IVF should be legal, highlighting a widespread sentiment for reproductive rights. Furthermore, according to a Navigator poll, a majority of voters, including 53% of Republicans, advocate for easier access to fertility planning services like IVF.

IVF, abortion, and 2024 election

Notably, Democrats have a distinct advantage among voters motivated by abortion policies, with preferences leaning heavily towards Biden over former President Donald Trump. Opposition to a 16-week national abortion ban favored by some Republican factions further underscores the partisan divide.

The impact of abortion access transcends voting preferences. It influences significant life decisions, particularly among young people. A Lumina Foundation/Gallup survey underscores the importance of abortion access in college enrollment decisions, with a clear preference for states that have greater reproductive health care access.

Dominant issues, influential motivators

As the election season heats up, reproductive rights, encompassing issues from abortion to IVF, are poised to be influential motivators for key voter demographics, which include young voters, women, and Democrats.

The battle over these rights isn’t just political—it’s personal, resonating deeply with individuals navigating critical life choices.

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