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By: 永久浪客/Forever Vagabond
The Independent Singapore published a news yesterday about Singaporeans taking back the management committee of Mandarin Gardens from Indian expats living in the condo (
A Singaporean living in Mandarin Gardens at East Coast related the story.
Apparently, at last year’s Mandarin Gardens Condo AGM, the Singaporeans living at the condo didn’t bother to contest for any positions in the managament committee (MC) to manage the condo.
As a result, foreigners living at the condo took control. Eight MC members said to be from India along with 1 American and 1 British expats were voted in. The writer lamented that they, the Indian nationals in MC, thought they own the whole condo and can do whatever they want.
Eventually, the American MC member told the Singaporeans at the condo about some of the things they did and the Singaporeans were furious. In the recent AGM, Singaporeans turned up in force and voted out the Indian nationals. The current MC now consists of 9 Singaporeans, one American and one Briton, according to the writer.
“The Indians were taught a humbling lesson. The Singaporeans reclaimed Mandarin Gardens for Singapore,” the writer said.
“Go shove it up wherever you can!”
When the news was posted on Facebook, some Facebook users were put off by the comment made by the writer about the reclaiming of Mandarin Gardens by Singaporeans for Singapore.
One Facebook user by the name of Mohua Sarkar ( said, “Wow! You guys seriously need help! Get a life ppl! Elevate yourself to a level in education and communication that you dont have to reclaim anything from anyone.”
In other words, she is implying that Singaporeans are not educated or talented enough to run anything in their own country. That is to say, if Singaporeans are educated enough, they don’t need to “reclaim anything from anyone”, presumably from foreigeners. Singaporeans would be able to stand on their own 2 feet.
She then went on to engage with Singaporeans on Facebook, telling some of them to go for grammar lessons. She wrote, “I just mentioned about elevating … Trolls prove how correct I was. I cannot degrade myself to that level. Good luck to who can. And once again get a life and grammar lessons pls!!”
Lastly, she said, “Feel pity for you guys! All you can think of is this!! Offence for idiots is the best defence! Go shove it up wherever you can! I am off this!”
Some Singaporeans did try to reason with her nicely. Gerald-Fernando Heng wrote, “After you (Mohua) posted a somewhat arrogant and derogatory comment in reply to someone here, saying words to the effect that Singaporeans are not educated and do not communicate well to be able to ‘reclaim’ what’s ours, and that’s why we deserve the situation we have, I replied to you to address your attitude. Why have you deleted your comment? Care to explain why?”
Mohua Sarkar from IDA?
On her Facebook Check-In (, it showed that Mohua Sarkar has been located at places like Mapletree Business City and IDA.
The Facebook Check-In is a service which allows a user to share where the person is, by checking into a location through a smartphone.
Further check on Zoominfo ( also shows that there is a Mohua Sarkar working in IDA Singapore at Mapletree Business City in Pasir Panjang.
However, it’s not known if she is still working there.
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