SINGAPORE: A Singapore-based YouTuber explained how she obtained her PR (Permanent Residency) less than two years after applying, which was unusually quick.

She has lived in Singapore for the past seven years and loves it. She often creates content about her life in the Little Red Dot. Ms KK, known on YouTube as the Krazy Koala, posted a video about her Singapore PR experience on April 13.

She acknowledged that many people would like to acquire Permanent Residency and even citizenship in Singapore, given its powerful passport.

Ms KK also considers herself “pretty lucky” because she got her PR less than two years after moving here.

She said that people usually have to stay in Singapore for more than two years before they apply and must also make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

She added that ethnicity also plays a part, and PR applicants whose ethnic backgrounds are closer to Singapore’s have better chances than others.

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“I think my economic contribution to Singapore played quite a big role here,” said Ms KK, who vlogged about having worked—and left—a $250,000 tech job in a February video.

Also, maybe her stint as a volunteer soldier was in her favour.

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Recently, her PR was up for renewal. She was concerned about its renewal since one of her expat friends, who had lost her job and moved to Thailand to work temporarily, could not get her PR renewal approved. Another only got one year’s extension.

“It’s really hard to get a PR right now, even PR renewal,” Ms KK said.

However, when she went through the process online before clicking the form to submit her application, she closed her eyes and began “manifesting”. Within a few seconds, she saw that her PR had been renewed.

“I was really blessed and happy that I got my PR renewed for another five years,” she said, adding, “I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard these days the PR approval rate is less than 10 per cent.”

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After receiving the good news that her residency was extended by five years, Ms KK went to get food at a hawker centre to celebrate. She ended her video by saying she’s looking forward “to more years to come in Singapore!” /TISG

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