Socio-political website, The Online Citizen, yesterday published an article which detailed how a 14-year-old boy jumped to his death, off a ledge outside his 14th-floor flat in Yishun, after unaccompanied police interrogation in a case of outrage of modesty.
A person who claims to be the friend of the boy who died, has now expressed grief in the most heartbreaking way in a comment to the article.
Kenneth Tan said, “Ben you were my most loyal friend. We’ve met since day 1 of sec 1 we often quarrel but those were my precious moments. If possible i wanna be friends with you on my next life.
“You were the only one that always eat chicken rice with me for the past 3 years. Now i have no one to eat with,pls come back.”
TOC2Other commenters on his grieving post have offered comfort to the friend of the deceased.

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