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Husband of alleged hogger of MRT reserved seat threatens TISG with defamation action




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We recently reported an allegation by an MRT commuter, that she was denied an empty reserved seat in a train despite her being a senior citizen. The commuter, Jenny Whing, said that the hogger refused to remove her child’s leg from the reserved seat so that she could sit.


Yesterday we reported how the alleged hogger’s husband claimed that Jenny had fabricated the entire story, and that he had lodged a police report. We further said that Jenny in describing the hogger’s action as “blatant disregard of consideration to seniors”, said that she was standing by her story, that it was not a lie.


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A man claiming to be the alleged hogger’s husband has gotten in touch with us to remove the articles we have published.

In his first email the man, Akshat Tiwari, said that we must remove the first article on the topic because his family’s privacy was violated because the photo by Jenny Whing was taken without permission, and because the allegations against his wife were “baseless”.

He further claimed that Jenny made the original post only to harass the family and “to generate eyeballs”. He also lamented that our report has generated “many hateful and racist comments”.

Akshat said that he has made a police report and was “contemplating further legal action.”

When we failed to take down the first report and published a subsequent one with Akshat’s claims on the incident as well as Jenny’s response, he sent us another email saying he was “extremely outraged”.

He accused the publication of being “hungry for eye balls” so much so that we “will use a family’s agony to get it”.

“I am in the process of filing a defamation case against Jenny and if i don’t see the post taken down from your site, I will proceed to file a suit against (The Independent Singapore) too,” he threatened.

Meanwhile a man claiming to be the father-in-law of the alleged hogger has said that Jenny should monetarily compensate the family for justice to prevail. His post was screen-captured in a forum.


We are willing to consider taking down the articles in questions – not because we have been threatened with defamation action – but only if the majority of our readers would want us to do so.

So, please do tell us how we should respond to Akshat’s call to take down the articles through your vote.

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Should TISG take down the 2 articles on the alleged hogger of MRT reserved seat?

You may also vote here: https://goo.gl/dXV0pY

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