Huang Zitao

Chinese popstar and former EXO member Huang Zitao came under fire for showing off his wealth on social media. He is set to inherit his father’s SGD 4 billion fortune after the latter passed away.

It is quite common to see the rich and famous flaunt off their wealth online. Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue posts photos of his luxury timepieces while fellow celebrities Jay Chou, Jimmy Lin and JJ Lin are known for their love of fast cars.

Netizens are giving Huang Zitao a tough time for blatantly flaunting his wealth on social media. The former EXO member has been posting photos of his high-SES lifestyle and luxury collections in the past month and netizens are upset.

Huang Zitao is a real-life crazy rich Asian who leads a luxurious life. His father, Huang Zhongdong, is one of Qingdao’s wealthiest men and the Chinese popstar is set to inherit his whopping 20 billion yuan (SGD 4 billion) fortune after Zhongdong died last month.

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Huang Zitao is set to inherit SGD4 billion. Picture: Instagram

Since Zhongdong’s death, Huang went on a break from work and was understandably also pretty quiet online. The 27-year-old returned to work in October and he has been spamming social media with photos of his luxury cars, watches, artworks and even his private jet causing a backlash from netizens.

Some called his ostentatious behaviour “low”, while others felt it was inappropriate, given that his dad had just passed away, and urged him to be “a bit more low profile”. “How long has his dad just passed away? Is this really good?” asked one netizen, while another said: “Do wealthy people still flaunt their wealth like this?

The former EXO member was close to his father. His father started L.TAO Entertainment in 2018 after Huang left Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment and EXO so that he could develop his showbiz career in China.

Last week, he revealed in a live broadcast his last words with his dad. He said he promised that no matter what happens, he will live his life happily, and he hopes fans and netizens who hear this will gain positive energy.