Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming has been trying very hard to lose weight for his latest movie role and that could be why he had a tofu cake for his 43rd birthday.

Although he has lost more than 9 kg, the actor shared that he wants to lose at least another four kilos as his role requires him to be really gaunt.

The film is A Cover-Up and he stars as a taxi driver who gets caught up in a series of mysterious events after meeting a drunkard on the night shift.

Dong Yue, the movie’s director, said in a recent interview that Huang’s health had been deteriorating because of all the dieting. He recalled seeing Huang looking pale while sprawled on top of the prop cart during filming. “He only requested that I let him rest of a couple of minutes (even though it was evident that he was worn out),” Dong added.

Huang Xiaoming is having heart problems because of fasting. Picture: Instagram

The actor has, however, said it was “nothing to worry about”.

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When asked by reporters, Huang merely said that he developed heart problems because he was too eager to lose weight. “I had used the fasting method and maybe it was too fast and I didn’t eat, and because of that my body lacked nutrients like salt and sugar, and became too weak. It didn’t help that I filmed over night for a few days in a row, and that affected my heart.”

Fans are worried about the star and are wondering if he is risking too much for the sake of the movie.

“He’s 43, which isn’t that young any more. If he keeps ill-treating his body like that, he might just collapse one day,” a netizen said.

Another pointed out that model and actor Godfrey Gao, who seemed to be in the pink of health, also passed away (in November 2019) after suffering cardiac arrest while filming a game show. The netizen added: “Fame, recognition, all of that isn’t important if you think of the bigger picture. Nothing is worth more than good health and being alive.” /TISG