A Twitter user shared his “get out of work” card, which started an online thread of people sharing their tips and tricks to skip work or school.

Thanks to some Photoshop skills, @PapaBoardslide could get a free day from work.

He posted a photo of his car with a flat tire; however, in reality, the flat tire picture is a photoshopped picture pasted onto his car to make the excuse more legitimate.

“Proudest moment of my life was photoshopping my tire being flat to get out of work, I really finessed,” wrote @PapaBoardslide at the caption.

If you were an employer who has a busy schedule and many things to handle, receiving the following photo from staff would be believable.

With over 40,490 retweets and 207,000 likes, the post has gotten the attention of the online community. Thus, began the thread of others sharing their various tactics to skip school or work.

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@MichelleDelNigr shared that she had friends who used to look at obituaries to get out of work. They would escape night shifts by using the excuse of having to go to a wake and skip day shifts by mentioning a random person’s funeral.

Photo: Twitter screengrab/ @PapaBoardslide

“I used to work two jobs, and I photoshopped one of my schedules and sent it to the other so I could have some time off,” wrote @redrichroses.

Photo: Twitter screengrab/ @PapaBoardslide

@YIhougan is more of a forward-thinking type of guy. He would take pictures of all the accidents he’s encountered and would use them when needed. “Whenever I want to call off, I just pick one of the pics and send it along,” he wrote.

Photo: Twitter screengrab/ @PapaBoardslide

Meanwhile, @Polowill_ warned everyone to be careful, especially iPhone users, because of the embedded timestamp in the picture.

Not to worry, @Yuidere_ had the answer to the complication – screenshot, crop, then send.

Photo: Twitter screengrab/ @PapaBoardslide

Others shared the things they did back in school to get homework passes or free passes to the theme park for good grades.

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Photo: Twitter screengrab/ @PapaBoardslide

Hopefully, employers aren’t following this very peculiar Twitter thread.

ByHana O