SINGAPORE: A travel influencer recently shared her “best kept secret” for visiting Singapore, specifically how tourists can save some money even if they want to get a great view of the city.

“Do not pay $20 to go up to the View Deck at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I have a better plan for you.” This is the advice content creator @intheworldofmari shared in a video for Singapore tourists. “Okay, so this is my best-kept secret and I’m not gatekeeping it anymore cause I’m leaving Singapore so…okay.”


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She began the video by sharing a common plan visitors to Singapore come up with to get a good view. “Now I know if you’re visiting Singapore or you live here and you have family friends coming over, everyone wants to go to Marina Bay Sands and look at the view,” she said. “You want to look at Gardens by the Bay from this side. You want to look at the Singapore skyline from the other side.”

However, she pointed out a flaw or two about this common plan. “But, now as a tourist, or you automatically think ‘Hmm…let’s go to Ce La Vie.’ Uh, okay…first, you need to make a booking. Most of the time, it’s full. Then you need to pay for a ticket. Okay you get a drink on it, but not really cause you did pay for it,” she said. “And then, you know, you can only see one side from Ce La Vie. And then you go to the View Deck as your other option so you pay $20. You look at the View Deck. You’re in the sun, it’s hot, it’s humid, and you just get a view.”

She then shared a rather smart alternative, saying: “Okay, now if you want to go and look at the beautiful Marina Bay skyline and see Gardens by the Bay, you know, from both sides, and you want to be comfortable in a nice place with an ambience and aircon, of course, listen up. You’re not going to go to the View Deck. You’re not going to go to Ce La Vie.

“You’re going to go to Lavo. Lavo is the restaurant I think in Tower 1 of Marina Bay Sands. And, you know, you don’t need to make a reservation. You don’t need to reserve a table. Of course, you have to be a small party. It has to be a party of one or two or three people–small party of people.

“You go up and you ask for a seat at the bar. Now, a seat at the bar is not always guaranteed, but I’ve never had to wait for a seat at the bar and so I’ve never had to wait. Yeah, so you can go straight to the bar and then you can order a drink.

“Yes of course, so this is going to cost you some money, but you don’t have to order alcohol. I mean you can order a Coke for a few dollars. And then you get a seat, you get aircon, and then you can also get the view from both sides. And you get a nice ambience. And you know…what’s better than that?”

The video has garnered over 700,000 views.

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