A resident of Pasir Ris Punggol Town Council (PRPTC), Phillip Ang, said that he had written to his town council to ask how much they spend on greeting banners that are found all over his constituency. He claims that PRPTC did not answer his queries.

The resident who is also a blogger said that he has since written to the Prime Minister to ask how much the town council pays for the banners, and who pays for them. Mr Ang highlighting the arbitrary increase of conservancy charges said that his town council had not explored all cost-cutting measures.

The blogger said that if MPs want to put up greeting banners in their constituency, it should be at the MPs’ expenses and not at the expense of residents of the constituency. He said that it would be ridiculous to ask the people who were being greeted to pay for such well-wishes.

In his note to the Prime Minister he asked why the town council will not answer such simple questions as his.