Entertainment Arts Hong Kong star Kenneth Ma said he was never angry at Andy...

Hong Kong star Kenneth Ma said he was never angry at Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong

The media asked Kenneth about his thoughts on Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui and what he thought about the latter's comeback.




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TVB actor Kenneth Ma just revealed that he is dating Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong. The 46-year-old was met with a hero’s welcome from the public on Jun 15 (Monday) when he was filming TVB drama Plan B on set. Kenneth spoke to the media on set saying that he did not expect for everybody to respond so well to the news of his latest squeeze. He shared that he knew about the interview Roxanne gave about his “five best traits.”

The media asked Kenneth about his thoughts on Hong Kong singer-actor and what he thought about the latter’s comeback. “I hope [Andy’s] fine, it’s been so long [since the cheating scandal], we should all look to the future,” Kenneth said. He later added that he was “never angry” with either Andy or Jacqueline and that the initial he felt was short-lived. “I hope that Andy can have a fresh start after his comeback, Jacqueline as well. I don’t know how she’s doing right now, but I hope she’ll be able to find her other half, and achieve greater heights in her career,” he said.

On April 16 last year a video of Andy and former pageant contestant Jacqueline Wong was circulated. The video showed Andy and Jacqueline making out during a ride and the incident was recorded by the taxi’s camera. The two left the taxi together for Jacqueline’s home. Both Jacqueline and Andy were reportedly drunk at that time of the incident.

Roxanne Tong is Kenneth Ma’s new girlfriend. Picture: Instagram

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Sammi Cheng, the wife of Andy Hui forgave him for his actions and took a vacation abroad. As for Jacqueline Wong and then-boyfriend Kenneth Ma, the two split up after the incident. Fans of Sammi were mad at Andy Hui’s actions and they did not forgive him. When Andy appeared in Sammi’s concert, he received a lukewarm response. Now that the parties involved have moved on from the incident, Andy and Jacqueline have announced of making their showbiz comeback.

After the incident, Jacqueline Wong went abroad for some time and it was said that she also changed her name. /TISGFollow us on

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