Hong Hui Fang, a 61-year-old Singaporean actress, had an improvisation scene with one of her co-stars in the film, AJOOMMA. 

In an interview with Taiwanese media, the actress admitted that she is a huge fan of Korean dramas. The actress also expressed that in the film, she had a warm hug scene with South Korean actor, Yeo Jin Goo. He Shuming, the director of the film revealed that there was no such scenario in the script. 

Hong Hui Fang then exclaimed that it was because of the atmosphere and mood of the scene while they were filming in South Korea. “We are all in Korea, at least let me hug an Oppa” the 61-year-old actress said.

Hong Hui Fang was also asked which Korean actor she would like to work with in her future projects. “As long as he is a handsome guy,” she said. She added that Jung Dong-hwan her current co-lead in the film – is handsome enough. “Jung Dong-hwan is already very handsome”  Hong Hui Fang said. 

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In relation to shooting the movie, director He Shuming was worried that the team would not be able to fly abroad due to the pandemic. Alongside all the COVID-19 restrictions that the cast and crew needed to take note of and abide by, the South Korean weather also became a problem. 

For the team who lived in Singapore which has a typical tropical climate, the extremely cold weather of South Korea was very uncomfortable, specifically when shooting at night. “We have a lot of night scenes, and our heads are almost frozen, and it’s almost minus 20 degrees outside.” the director said. 

AJOOMMA is Singapore’s entry to the 95th Academy Awards aka Oscars in 2023 under the Best International Film category. Furthermore, the movie garnered four nominations for Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards specifically under the categories of Best Leading Actress by Hong Hui Fang, Best New Director and Best Original Screenplay by Singaporean director He Shuming, and Best Supporting Actor by Korean actor Jung Dong-hwan.

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