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Ho Ching shares Pornhub meme, a site banned by IDA




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On 19 Dec, the Prime Minister’s wife Ho Ching shared a meme from Pornhub. Pornhub is banned in Singapore. She did not share it direct from Pornhub but from a Facebook page Engineering Insider.

Earlier this year, the head of Temasek Holdings apologised for posting the picture of a monkey with an extended middle finger.
1aHo posted the picture soon after her sister-in-law, Dr Lee Wei Ling, released her email exchange with The Straits Times in which she made several accusations against the PM (her elder brother). Ho’s post of the picture raised speculation of an escalating family feud. Madam Ho later apologised for her post and said that she was a “twitter newbie” and that she had “been playing around with Twitter…trying out different buttons, seeing what can or cannot be done”; that she soon discovered that “Twitter reposts pictures without captions,” and that unfortunately one of the pictures reposted was the one of the monkey.

Ho said that she took down the picture as soon as a friend alerted her to it, as she understood that it could cause misunderstanding.

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