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Ho Ching goes on sharing spree of Khaw Boon Wan, Shanmugam and Teo Chee Hean’s Facebook albums




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Prime Minister ’s wife went on another sharing spree on social media today. Strangely, Ho Ching – who also serves as chief executive of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, – shared several photos posted online by her husband’s ruling party colleagues over the past few months.

Notorious for flood-posting her page with several links throughout the course of each day, Ho Ching began this afternoon by sharing her husband’s own Facebook posts as she re-posted three posts the Prime Minister made this month.

The first re-post was of a photo PM Lee posted earlier today, about five hours ago. The PM’s wife then appeared to go down his timeline and shared an album he published yesterday, another photo from this past Tuesday, and another album from last Sunday.

Ho Ching then shifted her attention to Law and Home Affairs Minister K .

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Similar to her browsing patterns on PM Lee’s Facebook page, Ho Ching started out by sharing one of Shanmugam’s more recent Facebook albums – a collection of photos he posted yesterday from an event where he met Team Singapore athletes.

Following this, the CEO re-posted a video featuring Shanmugam from his timeline, that he shared last Sunday.

Ho Ching moved on to Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s Facebook page and shared ten of his Facebook albums or photo posts over the past one month, in a span of minutes.

Starting from a collection of photos Teo posted on 12 Sept, Ho Ching proceeded to share albums Teo published on 8 Sept, 7 Sept and 6 Sept, two separate albums he posted on 4 Sept, and an album from all the way back on 3 Sept.

Curiously, Ho Ching also shared a photo of Teo’s meal that he had posted on 6 Sept and two separate posts he had made on 11 Sept, when he published photos of owl sightings.

Ho Ching reserved most of her attention for Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan. Going down Khaw’s timeline, Ho Ching flooded her wall with 15 separate posts from Khaw’s page – going all the way back to 21 July.

Sharing Khaw’s albums and photo posts capturing his outings from the end of July, throughout August and so far in September, Ho Ching went from an album from to album that Khaw posted on 5 Sept, 4 Sept, 30 Aug, 13 Aug, 6 Aug, 5 Aug, 3 Aug, 29 Jul, two albums on 28 Jul, 25 Jul, 24 Jul, 23 Jul, and 21 Jul.

Ho Ching even shared this profile picture that Khaw posted on his page on 17 Aug:



Based on the order in which Ho Ching shared her husband’s and his colleagues’ albums, it appears that she could have gone from wall to wall – between PM Lee, DPM Teo, Shanmugam and Khaw – scrolling down from most recent to older posts.

It is unclear why Ho Ching shared the albums she did, nor why she chose to only share photo posts or albums by the four ministers.

This is not the first time Ho Ching has caught netizens’ attention for her Facebook share sprees. Late last year, the head of Temasek went on a particularly intense floodposting spree, sharing over 100 posts within a short window of two hours.

Ho Ching shared posts then covering a variety of topics, such as environmentalism, warrior women, healthy eating, robotic butterflies, the korean missile crisis, art, diseases, government schemes, motivational quotes, crafts, national service, bitcoin trade, diamonds, the Jerusalem issue, and SMRT workers working on a Sunday.

She even shared a cat video.


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